Brenk – Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)

Brenk – Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)

brenk - gumbo 2

Fuck yeah! Melting Pot announced that one of my favorite Producers, Brenk Sinatra, is about to release another Instrumental Album. Gumbo II (Pretty Ugly) will be released this September on MPM and is the follow up to his slept on 2008 instrumental masterpiece Gumbo. Added to Chop Shop, his Hi-Hat Club collabo with Fid Mella, this is Brenk Sinatra’s third all instrumental LP in three years.

Peep the first leak of Gumbo 2: Predido

Tracklist after the boing

Side One
1. Intro
2. Murda Dem
3. Lupo
4. Whereva
5. Everyday Scenario
6. Dedicated
7. Anotha Sip
8. Nite Ridah 2k11
9. Shangri-La
10. Can’t Seem To Forget
11. Anotha All Nighta

Side Two
12. One Daaay
13. Predido
14. Bright Foozel
15. Wheneva
16. The Spirit Of Chad Butler
17. Grindas Skit
18. Hit U
19. Body Skit
20. Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)
21. Tryin
22. Intruda
23. It’s Yours (Outro)


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