Music is a forever changing beast, constantly changing due to the taste of the audience and the times that inspire the music. Like all constantly changing things, music ebbs and flows in terms of trends and what is popular, and 2018 and beyond is no exception to this rule.

Music trends inspire people, and can even be inspired by the audience. Heck, if ten different people are asked about how the music industry has inspired them, ten different answers would be received. With different generations and their taste in music rising and falling throughout time, these trends are not permanent.

Here are three trends that have recently been gaining steam in the music industry.

Trend 1: Hip-hop

With hip-hop and rap becoming more and more of a way for people to express their opinions about the world and so many artists taking a stand against certain issues, it’s no surprise that the genre has exploded and has become a real platform for change.

With more exposure to the social movement world comes more acceptance, and rap and hip-hop are becoming more and more popular with music services. Several well-known artists are already making their names known again for the new generation.

Trend 2: Boy bands

With Korea’s BTS being at the top of the list, young men getting together and forming singing groups is becoming popular with the masses. Worldwide, it seems that everyone is getting together and sending out a boyband to represent their country, and it is working.

Millions of screaming fangirls seem to be the best method for calculating success, and these boy bands have that in spades. By blending great lyrics with the unique harmony of a group of voices singing together, it’s a combination that can’t be beaten at all.

Trend 3: World Wide acceptance

With the previous example of BTS, it seems that more bands from different countries are getting attention on foreign soil. With domestic artists doing remixes of foreign songs and modern listeners having more access to, and becoming more inclined to, songs in different languages, the foreign artists are becoming very popular.

In addition, many women are taking the reins of the music industries and starting to prompt a resurgence of genres such as R&B. As they help create a new genre of music inside the original genre, it brings in new listeners and gives something fresh for the old-style aficionados.

The end result

With new music and trends being focused on having listeners be open-minded and tolerant of new languages, sounds, and cultures, the music scene is focused on bringing listeners together and helping them embrace the new and foreign parts of the world through music.

With so much going on that divides us as a world, it’s nice to know that music is a way to keep everyone connected in a spirit of tolerance, joy, and acceptance. That’s the best part about music because as it changes, we are forced to accept that change and then grow with the genre.