Workspaces – Episode 5 – Jon Phonics

Workspaces – Episode 5 – Jon Phonics


Episode 5 featured meinen homie aus UK, Ill Clinton aka Jon Phonics. Jon veröffentlicht derzeit ziemliche Kracher über das Chakra Sounds Label. Man darf wirklich gespannt sein was als nächstes aus dem Hause kommt. Für alle die seine letzten veröffentlichungen nicht kennen sollten unbedingt die älteren Beiträge über Mr. Phonics lesen.



For the past 4 years I have lived & worked in a lot of diferent places. Because of this i find myself only really using a few bits of equipment in a set up at one time, this also means i think i have less than i do so keep buying more bits. i currently am using a few analogue synths and my pc in my setup but ill be moving again soon. i find this helps keeps things fresh and interesting though. its probably why i never make two records the same. – Jon Phonics

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